My CV disapeared

I logged out on Sunday and logged in again today but my CV and small ship have disappeared. Is there anyway of getting it back? I left it on Mars but didn’t realise it would be wiped :frowning:

I don’t even have a survival constructor so I can’t even get started with the kit I had in my inventory.

Is there anywhere I should leave my stuff next time so that it doesn’t get deleted?

Thanks and sorry for being a noob.

I put some stuff in your backpoack. Getting ships bakc is not so easy on a Planet. To many people, and we cant just give everyone their ships back. Sorry :frowning:.

But the stuff in your inventory should help you out. Just dont stay on Mars. Thenn all is fine :slight_smile:

To get the Wipe times type: “cb:wipe” in chat

Is there anywhere I can stay that’s PvE?

There are Nova an Z, that are PVE Planets… but they are quite full and make problems at the moment. PVE is never good for so many people to build extensively

Better hide deep in space (>50k) and you are save there (if you are in a faciton and set your stuff to faction)