My CV drifted into Armageddon atmosphere and could not escape the 0.64Gs.(I had more than enough thrust)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: CV was trapped on a low G planet(power ran out and I drifted into the atmosphere)
Player(s) with issue: Stealthcan
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 01:30 EST
Playfield: Armageddon
Structure Name(s): Saber
Structure ID(s): 43829226
How can we help you now: Please return the ship

Also tried the buyback command and I was refused(needed to be in the same play area?)

Hey @Stealthcan

So you had no fuel anymore?
Because that would be a very new and weird bug why a planet should trap you with low gravity - not like Jupidor.

If you had no fuel, do you know you can buy globally items from HWS Marketplace?

Yes, that is right. Otherwise it could be exploited.

As soon as I got a little bit more information I can restore it.

Hi RexXxus!

I had fuel and when I transitioned to the atmosphere, I refueled.

It was strange that the 0.64 Gs wouldn’t let me leave. I tried every thrust trick I knew to get out, but just landed.

I did see the 4 warnings :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how you get a ship back, but I’m based out of eden at the Slains Workshop station.

Thank you, sir…

I restored it above your head @Stealthcan

While the logs can at least back off that it wasn’t a fight which caused this or any other reasons you should forcefully lose it.

Please note that I trust you here and it’s an exception because Jascha is in vacation and I’m very busy with 8.X preparations.
Next time such request will be declined without a video.
At the moment it would be too time consuming to check the whole situation - restoring your “stuck” CV out from the backup, see if it can fly, see if the inventories are full or empty and you didn’t transfer any loot to your other ships to have now basically created duplicated content. This would easily cost me one hour of proofing all of that story here. A video for you in return would be just have cost you ~19 seconds to start a record program in that moment to verify everything.

Just to inform you about the background story of our position here :wink:

Thank you, RexXXus!

I will get a video for future requests.

I took most of the valuables out of the cargo boxes before the ship vanished, so I’m fine either way about cargo.

Have a great day!


I just logged in 10 minutes ago… the Ship hasn’t appeared yet.

just so you know sir… :slight_smile:

strange… look up plz. must be there…

Its back… thank you so much, Sir… :slight_smile:

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