My CV Lost

Before last serverdown around at 11.04. 9:35 im sit in my CV.
I came back into alienworld space after the wipe.
And came the serverdown (or something), after this im log in and find myself in alienworld space,
without my CV. I see in the registry at numbers my ships (1 cv with 2 sv), but im not find my ships.

update: and now my structure commander says:

TTT HQ 4440004 CV Alienworld 4653 -21185 28285 360 12813 true
Small Vessel (SV) 4434053 SV Alienworld 4647 -21148 28242 174 1800 true
Small Vessel (SV) 4491001 SV Alienworld 4636 -21189 28335 66 264 true

WTF? Why?

Please help me.

 Thank you!

Have fun with your ship