My HWS garage ship has dissapeard

Hi! My Rhea ship I bought on HWS garage dissapeard. Its not in registry files whatsoever. I used it yesterday and docked it in my cv parked in Sierra Nebula on EU server and everything else seems untouched…SV’s name “overrated miner”.


at what time you bought it?
What ID has the ship because there is no structure available with that name.

I bought it like last time you putted a new batch of ships in hws garage, same time Gunslinger bought his. Cant find id since its not in registry. Name “Overrated miner” I thought would stand out tho…

So after some checking I found my ship. It is listed on hws garage as for sale in the garage where Rexxus is the seller. How I dont know since I never putted it up for sale. A faction member was going to buy it in the belive I was gonna sell it and picked it up…Im just confused about this and dont know how it happened…Could an admin take it off for sale tho…

What how the hell did that happen?

MWG has had two bought ships (cardinal and a Rhea) disappear from existence, currently the Rhea is 200m below bedrock.

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