My only SV Vehicle got deleted on Peacekeeper West

Hello Admins,

today at around 19:30 i was scrapping my small shuttle CV. When i deleted the last block my SV which still might be / might not be docked to that CV was gone. I went out with my main CV searching for it and later added a marker on the position the SV was on according to structure manager (status not deleted) and flew thee to look for it. It was the location at which i scrapped the shuttle CV. After some time structure manager said the SV was deleted.

That certainly wasnt the intention and looks like a bug.

Can i have my vehicle (and most important what was in it) back please? Or is it on stealth now???

Structure command says:


Vehicle name : VW_Transporter

That is a game bug and known for a few weeks now.
Added the SV to Peackeeper

Thanks for returning the ship!