My Sathium ores are lost :(

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What happened: I mined like 4 sathium asteroids with my CV. and I had more than 10.000 sathium ores in my CV’s harvest box. Along with crushed stones nearly half that count. I aimed my CV towards the moon in Alliance homeworld and reached the harvest box through console. I turned the autobrake off so my cv was moving towards the moon. I got all the things in the harvest box and put them in Advanced Constructor. set it up for 2000 sathium ingot jobs. which will produce 20.000 ingots. I closed the console and entered the moon. After mining 2 meteors, I returned to my advanced constructor to check the job. For a moment, I saw all my ores and ingots there but they all just dissapeared. I spent more than an hour to mine them all and they are just gone :frowning:
Player(s) with issue: Elnorn
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 22 Jan 2018 20:20
Playfield: Allience Moon
Structure Name(s): CV_Carrier
Structure ID(s): 2021381
How can we help you now: I had similiar dissapearances. but not in a so big scale. Nearly 15 - 16 slots of ores are just gone. I wonder if its possible for me to get them back and solve this annoying material dissapearance issue.

try warping somewhere else and then check again I heard this happen to a few ppl

Just tried it. They are still missing.

Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately we cant keep an eye on individual components (cargo boxes, constructors etc) only complete structures, so we have no way of verifying this. Sorry but we cant really help in this instance.

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