My ships blocks got messed up after csw warp

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What happened:
=> When I came back from NA server the blocks of my ships where messed up

Player(s) with issue:
=> Xyston

Server: EU

Time (cb:time):8:53

Playfield: Atlantis sector (space)

Structure Name(s):
Martian Miner | 26m


Structure ID(s):15073887

How can we help you now:I would like to get the credits back from the ship and if not possible a new martian miner

yeah, this bug is super annoying.
Can you please let me know when this happened exactly? Like what exact time your ship was fully OK?
I would then restore it from that moment.

I not 100% sure what time it was fine but If i need to take a gamble i would say 24/03 around 7:00 gmt +1.

The ship is empty so if it can be bring to the state of the market one is would be perfect if that is easyer for you. (All storage should be empty) and anything inside is my loss :wink:

Ok cool, thx.
I tried to restore it below you. Please check how it is.

this nonsense randomly occurs when k warping with docked ships. i have not been able to successfully duplicate it on command but feel it happens more frequently the longer the game has been running. just like most of the usual memory misbehavior we experience :frowning:

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Its still the same, the blocks are still messed up.

Ok I tried to restore another backup version. This is the last one possible though.
If this is still messed up, please make the best out of it (recycle, sell, dismantle).
In the current state I can’t effort a refund of a partial fully working ship, because many other players just dealth with it in the past and recycled it or fixed it themselves.
If we would include this as refund policy, it would be a never ending job.

Alpha 12 will change some things regarding this bug, so I will rethink the situation then.

Still messed up, I try to fix it my self

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