My SV dissapeared, see deleted in connect without reason?

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What happened: Allready second time my SV dissapeared and see deleted in connect. This time pretty severe as its cargo sv and lost everything with it. There is no reason why its deleted. It was docked inside of my CV and put to my faction MUR, Muro independents.Storage SV MK3 2247442 COPY Freelancer HQ 3133 50 1308 0 438 1 True 19156 0 16:55 139 191 True. It was visited yesterday, as can see in connect, powered and fueled, firmly docked inside of my main CV
Player(s) with issue: Niewitch
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): abroximately 13:00 found out
Playfield: last seen was Freelancer HQ, i have no clue why its deleted
Structure Name(s): Strorage SV MK3
Structure ID(s): 2247442
How can we help you now: Please return my SV with my stuff

Due to a bug it was located in the pole somehow.
Did you notice anything strange about it?
I restored it

I did had same problem once before recently, alltough that time ship was SV i did not care so much, so did not make support contact, and i was pretty sure it happened after warped to next system or changed the playfield, like leaving from planet. That happened totally same way, ship that was docked inside a CV and suddenly dissapeared and find out it was dissapeared when i have had warped,I did not see anything strange thou, only little lag. Connect still show that it was last system and planet where i left, but deleted.

Thanks for the Information.
This is a constant bug since a long time. Maybe we need to hunt that again.
So far we have no real clue besides docked ships, Playfield change/green barrier. But nothing that really causes it.
But since its not visible directly its hard to recall what had happend thereā€¦

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