Mysterious Structures

UnagiKing NA

Had an SV parked in space disappear even when I had not used it since the last time. I had it parked over 1 of my CVs as I was still paranoid on docked ships. Structure commander listed it as deleted.
SV: Stargazer Carapace
ID: 4119617

I also have 1 SV which is listed as being in existence even though its been long gone. Tried waypointing it and no waypoint showed up. Its also listed as being in game on the Registry.
SV: Transpo
ID: 5760311

The last time it happened to another SV which was parked just above another CV.
SV: Lobster Carapace
ID: 2977464
*Not to be confused with its recent replacement: Lobster Carapace 6108038

I check ammo and fuel in them almost everyday. Might be a glitch.
Thanks in advance for looking into it!

4119617 got wiped according to the game. Not visited for 10 days! So no wonder

5760311 Is docked to your ship. all ok I see it. On Trilobite, next to Unagi’s SeaBeat

2977464 also got wiped according to the game. Not visited for 13 days! So no wonder