NA - Lost Ships in Homeworld System

What happened: cv 44k out from iceworld over 50 from homeworld logged out when we came back it had gone. your structurecommand said that it was deleted. the cv was there at 2pm
Player(s) with issue: FinalGen -25432.0/44262.1/-10320.0 & Mr.Twist
Server: Time (cb:time): 00:13
Playfield: Structure Name(s): NA home world space
Structure ID(s): FireStar 13524770 — CV : Firelight 12756853 ---- SV Fireflare 12349939 — SV
What do you want us to do: Please restore ships and all contents! (leave the dishwasher, he was a little mouthy)(his cousin from out of town also).

Dealt with via Andrea