NA OP does NOT work

I have not only tested this multiple time, but proven it by taking bases that were powered, had OP, and had been active just hours before. Last night, I lost 2 bases and a large CV with 1000’s of ammo to 2 new players with less than 5 hours on the server, AFTER we had logged off. I know for a FACT that all 3 had power, OP, and had just been visited. The OP isn’t spotty, It doesn’t work “on occasion”, or any of the other excuses I have seen. It simply, does… not… work…

If you are hosting remotely in the US, you may want to check to see if the host uses a custom .yaml file like citadel servers does. I say this because if they do, you need to set BOTH up to have the OP working. Not just one. I’m aware that you have more issues with assholes on the EU server, that’s why I left. However, I have seen a large influx lately from that server as well to the NA server. Yah, I’m a bit pissed that the OP isn’t working. Dob and I would both put in $10 a month for the server if it gets fixed. We enjoy many of the features you have. But, to get on and see 3 of our structures taken by people using a drone to drain my base, well, that really is quite infuriating. I’m fairly tired of seeing it happen. Both of the sub bases had 2k flak ammo in them, the mobile death had 7 large ammo boxes full of missile ammo, our main base had 17 large ammo boxes full of ammo, our meen house had 10 boxes full of flak. They died 3 times. Tell me they didn’t use a goddamn drone to drain my bases. This doesn’t even touch the 5 other CV’s that had full ammo. There were no tunnels either. Just 2 assholes using an exploit. Either they go, or Dob and I do. Plain and simple.

By the way, I am talking about Shieldironhorse:
Also, if you look at his screenshots, he has 2 extremely large CV’s built that require way more time playing than his 226 total hours required. One is the tempest, which I also have, and needs 49 hours to build. Not to mention the fact that it uses 156k iron. I have been farming for 2 weeks before you implemented the new CV size rule and have yet to reach that 156k. Hard to do in under 226 hours unless you have done some serious raids or use CE.
and ム Ayars ム:


That is my base in the distance. The structures in question were less than 100m away from where i am standing. First pic also has proof that they hacked. There are 3 backpacks over 100m underground with no tunnels anywhere I could find after an hour of searching. I will now dig down to them .

Found the packs, in a tunnel, that had no entrances or exits other than what I made. I have since found a few packs loaded to bear with guns and ammo. So, either they raided someone with a ton of stuff and then raided me, or they didn’t care about what they lost because they could use CE to just give it back to themselves.


Caught shield redhanded draining ammo.[attachment=0]20160720193731_1.jpg[/attachment]

Since they died 20 & 40 Times on your Base we sent them for one Day to Prison and they got a Warning for Breaking Rule 1.

If you can Shield/Ayars please reply to this post.

About the Structures of them. They dont have these Large Structures on our Server. Everything they have looks legit.