NA Penthouse S issue

Hello Admins
I am having a bit of an odd issue on the Penthouse S planet.
It lets me into the planet, stayed there a good bit without issue or a warp out.
Came in with a CV, can confirm I can have 1 CV and 1 SV without warning.
I cannot see a penthouse BA in registry assigned to me or faction. Even after re-log.
Here is the kicker… I was able to build my own BA from scratch. Left a 30block BA (Darths test BA) there for review.

Edit: Forgot to mention OCD also works. So no rush. More a just so you know post.


Thanks for letting us know.

We will take a look ASAP and look at a fix


Alright, you were right about building bases without punishment.
I set a real Penthouse to you and maybe you can remove your test base.

We will announce again that all stuff on these planets have to be private so we can limit it this way correctly.


Oh shoot! I completely forgot to get rid my test BA. Sorry. I will take care of that first thing when in game again.

Thank you for being the most active admin staff ever. You guys are amazing.

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