NA Trader Starter Orbit Loss of Ships

Hey guys. Sorry to let you know, but a very nasty bug struck us again.
All ships in Trader Starer Orbit on NA were set to public last night.

Thanks to 2 factions most of your stuff was saved. And I want to thank faction FAK and faction ARC very much for doing that. Most would have taken the oportunity to raid and take all ships. But they took them so that noone could steal them and even changed the name to “Please contact us to get it back”. Thats really comendable!!!

@ Faction ARC: Please let me know who did it. Dont want to go through more logs today. Then I will reward you.
@ Faction FAK got his reward already.

In future with 5.1 (if devs dont find the problem. We send them all infos) our tool will reset ownership on its own as soon as he notices such a bug.

All other structures that were still public we set back to their faction.
It might be that one or the other ship is gone. But as far as I see most survived.

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Trader Orbit, Neptune Planet and Market place were all hit w/ that bug.

Yea we were in a bit of a panic. setting anything and everything back to faction.

It was me(Arlongkpr) and EarthMagic that were initially involved when we discovered the mess then i pulled in i called in other Faction mate’s
Zeuscody, and Vaarkus, thanks to them to also help on Neptune.
It looks like Rukiakbarr discovered this also in Marketplace… we were joking about Admin cores for sale on the Marketplace :slight_smile:

I did not see that this affected neptune planet. Will have to go see if my stuff is still my stuff. lol

Yea one of my members saw about 5-6 white icons on the map… so i assume they went public… i know a few ships happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time even on my base… Arty do hurt :slight_smile:

When did it happen on Neptune and Marketplace? Cant see tha in logs at all

I reset all of your DO’s and gave you a bit credits as thank you!

I noticed several white blotches on the map on neptune that i checked out that were public. it was around 9:00 cst. Also i know you said you gave us some credits but i started at 3 mil in debt now im at 5 mil in debt and was wondering if you possibly did that the wrong way for me.

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I guess it was the wrong field. Sorry. Cleared it now

Thank you!

We just gonna gloss over this? there is a story here, I am sure of it.

haha yeah playing with a friend that doesnt know how taxes work in homeworld.