NA up, found ships on map, but no visuals

CV and 3 SV’s docked show on mini map (during the last server’s hicccups, I was able to fly the CV to 20k away from a planet, an that’s where I logged in, but I was able to suicide warp to the CV’s location). Initially put me about 40m from orbit, had no visual or map indicator, so I figured I’d take a halo dive into the planet an look around. There I saw the map indicators, but no visual or wreckage. Not even blips.

Names of ships (you’re gonna hate me :cry: )

CV: [STA] Capitol Vessel (CV)
SV #1: [STA] Recluse
SV #2: [STA] MCV 1
SV #3: [STA] Small Vessel (SV)

Recluse and MCV may have inventory on them, the unnamed SV is empty to my knowledge and not that impoprtant, but the CV kind of has everything from our guild collecting… I thought I had it named, but that may have been during the server hiccups, in which case, if in the event that it DID name, would have been Badger or Badger MK 1.

If this helps, this was on 485753-NA playfield.

Btw: thanks a heap for all the hard work getting the new server up and running. Enjoy a good night’s rest.

Hey The reason was that due to a bug the structures landed in the pole. Thats why you could “see” them, but not see them :wink:.

Warped them out for you and warped you to them.

Ahh, thought that might be the case, ty.hoping they stay safe until i can log in, about 10 hours lol