NDT - CV disappeared near Mars

Hey i just wanted to see if you all would be able to recover my CV, it was called “New Dawn CV Trader”, it disappeared near mars orbit, cant seem to find it now :frowning: also lost my SV called “New Dawn SV”

You can pick them up at Peacekeeper 1 5700,5700,5700 . Just dock them agian.
Can you tell what happend before? Errors? Anything what happend?
If you had Errors, please send them to the devs.

Thank you!!! Well I was parked about 1km away from Mars orbit when suddenly I was teleported to peacekeeper 4 with my inventory full of minerals “999”. I slowly made my way to my spare cv and warped back to find nothing. No crashes or error reports. Really strange.

hey i logged in after work and now im just floating in space again. I had moved the ship from pk1 to pk4 and logged off. it shows both my cv and sv as deleted.

I put them at the same coordiantes in Peacekeeper 2… Not sure why that happens. We send the Infos to the Devs.