Need a ship changed over to faction - long story

So, we’ve had a string of thefts going on since DSH and 5th split. Auto miners disappearing and hydrogen generators disappearing.

I came on today, and found Axel_91 online, now knowing he was a guy who belong to the 5th I went over to check out what he was doing… he logged off, weird, but whatever.

Went into creative for a bit, came back and found he had spawned a capital ship with cargo boxes and constructors and he was running back and forth between the ship and our base.

I tried to flag him in chat, but he didn’t respond. So I removed him from faction, and built a jail cell around his cv (it is set to private)

I was wondering if we could have the capital ship set to TEA so I can view the contents and make sure he wasn’t stealing from us. I don’t want to issue a crime report because it only looks suspicious, and I have no real evidence that he had has done anything. That said we have had a string of thefts so I couldn’t be too careful.

So Axel_91 somehow came back and got the materials he had stored in his cargo box, and was trying to destroy it but got booted from the planet again.

Here’s what the ship looks like now, but if you back it up to around the time of original report you’ll see the ship had a lot more cargo boxes and a lot more goods in it.

Here’s the pictures I took 4ish hours ago.

14466010 is the ship ID, sorry to bring this drama on you guys but I’m now fairly sure that they were stealing goods from us :confused: