Need Emergency Warp from Arma

Hi team,

Here i am, mindlessly looking for gold and i get Desynched – No problem except im 300 m in the air… Log back in, start heading to my ship - my daughter woke, so i had to log out real quick to go care for her, and now, i cannot log into Arma - Says connection to playfield lost every time i try to log in… I cannot currently get into the game… I’ll keep trying though. :slight_smile:

here’s my log

04-16:11:34.430 09_11 -LOG- Local player 76561197980777315/'Hopskotch' 
04-16:12:27.284 09_12 -LOG- Connecting to server HWS NA PvPvE | MODs+Web API|Story|Customized|Hard...
04-16:12:27.773 09_12 -LOG- Steam: GetAuthSessionTicket for player 76561197980777315: 53
04-16:12:28.275 09_12 -LOG- Connected to server [EAC.ConnReset]
04-16:12:28.305 09_12 -LOG- Starting Client game. Local player 76561197980777315/'Hopskotch'
04-16:12:28.338 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Pushing 40 bytes from dedi to EAC
04-16:12:28.365 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Popped 204 bytes for dedi (seq   1)
04-16:12:28.365 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Popped 2 messsages in a row
04-16:12:33.265 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Pushing 256 bytes from dedi to EAC
04-16:12:33.266 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Pushing 204 bytes from dedi to EAC
04-16:12:33.299 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Popped 156 bytes for dedi (seq   3)
04-16:12:33.300 09_12 -LOG- EAC: Popped 2 messsages in a row
04-16:12:33.540 09_12 -LOG- LogFlags = 0
04-16:12:33.540 09_12 -LOG- Connected to server. Game name: 'Armageddon'. Loading playfield HWS5...
04-16:12:33.585 09_12 -LOG- Loading playfield 'Armageddon'
04-16:12:34.836 09_12 -LOG- Playfield 'Armageddon' with seed 77 loaded.
04-16:12:35.809 09_12 -LOG- OnCharacterCreated with root Root (UnityEngine.GameObject)
Platform assembly: D:\Gaming\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Empyrion_Data\Managed\Boo.Lang.dll (this message is harmless)
04-16:12:36.173 09_12 -LOG- OnCharacterCreated with root Root (UnityEngine.GameObject)
04-16:12:36.389 09_12 -LOG- OnCharacterCreated with root Root (UnityEngine.GameObject)
04-16:12:36.465 09_12 -LOG- OnCharacterCreated with root Root (UnityEngine.GameObject)
04-16:12:36.523 09_12 -LOG- OnCharacterCreated with root Root (UnityEngine.GameObject)
04-16:12:36.607 09_12 -LOG- OnCharacterCreated with root Root (UnityEngine.GameObject)
04-16:13:14.729 09_13 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
04-16:13:14.863 09_13 -LOG- Got disconnected from server: Disconnected
04-16:13:14.864 09_13 -LOG- Steam: CancelAuthTicket 53, disconnect reason: Disconnected
04-16:13:14.874 09_13 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
04-16:13:14.875 09_13 -LOG- Playfield saving
04-16:13:14.889 09_13 -LOG- PDA: Player 295225 activates: False
04-16:13:14.893 09_13 -LOG- Unloading playfield 'Armageddon'
04-16:15:49.548 09_15 -LOG- OnApplicationQuit

Thanks @Achilles for the help! All good now!

I guess a background knowledge is needed for this new popup error:

    # Players with a ping higher than the value specified below will be locked out of the game. We recommend to not allow
# too high pings as this can result in player cheating
KickPlayerWithPing: 400

This was implemented with 5.5 and we wanted it to be ingame. This is against people having a high ping during gaming.
Because some people were so badass to download torrents while playing to create monster lag to do weird stuff then.

So as soon as someone has now a 400 ping they get this popup.

However it seems it is not 100% save yet. Will discuss it with Eleon and maybe turn off for now to see if it is really this.

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