Need help cannot log into server

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: internal error occurred
Player(s) with issue: StormRazer_PP
Server: EU and NA
Time (cb:time): 17.00
Playfield: alliance cryo A1 and cryo a2 (respective servers)
Structure Name(s): NA
**Structure ID(s):**NA
How can we help you now: Not sure whats wrong but i cannot log in on either server just get an internal error occurred, along with my friend (avleonard95)

I get the same thing, is anyone actually able to get into NA server…or is the 7/170 players the server shows just people trying to connect? from reading other threads this sounds like a common problem

Everyone is in the same boat we are waiting for the devs to send us a hot fix fgor it. Be patient guys

Ah i see, just did the update, still have the same issue, what about others?

all have the same we are waiting for devs to fix it. and ress may have to do a full wipe we are not certain of this untill the devs fix the problem

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