Need help ON NA > EU Transfer

Structure 39405190 did not move over

Character is over on EU and was warped over. Any assistance is appreciated.

Happened between 4:15-4:30 PM EST Ship is white,red and black… 2 large rings


Was just speaking with Monty Python on discord and he advised to @ you

Ill check. give me a second

Looks like you warped during EU restart… not a good time since your structure was deleted in the cleanup after restart.

Just let me know what you need. I see you continued playing on NA so im not sure where you want your ships.

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Ive been warping around and its not showing up.

Can you drop it off in NA? @Jascha

I am on as well @Jascha so if you need a spawn point and ezze doesnt respond I can take it

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@lovepack is a smart ass

I am waiting in the NA to EU warp area. I have no ship so I cant go far.


@Jascha On the move gonna go breakdown ships… ill refresh this or message me on discord

Sorry I was already offline :expressionless: |
Let me know when.

@Jascha If you are still around you can spawn it at my current position.

ok will do it