Need Help PLZ CSW NA

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What happened:
did a CSW
and teleported back into orbit as normal… but now I can’t reach my SV. since you’re not wearing a suit, you can’t move in orbit… what can I do now?
Player(s) with issue:
Time (cb:time):
CSW Orbit
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
=> no suit on and die permanently

we will fix it and teleported you to your ship


Another player warned me about this so I avoided the same fate.

The first time you warp you will start in your bedroom on the tutorial planet of your choice. You will warp soon, but quickly head out of your bedroom and go straight to the armour locker and throw on your medium armour. Then when csw:warp completes you will be in armour, can move and won’t asphyxiate.

Rexxus, would it be possible for all players to start with light armour already equipped on initial spawn to the game to avoid this happening?

please let me know when you teleported me to my SV… I’m dying

Yes, of course. I just have to clear the Template folder on the next restart.
It was just an oversight due the new Tutorial start. We wanted to teach players how to use their inventory + armor locker. So they can equip it themselves. I saw some reviews, where players didn’t know it even.
But for now, we will give armors per default

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Already did. I can retry


A good quest)

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