======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======
Flew by enemy ship in pvp space he was teleport all around and my turets just went hay wire and would aim just spinning all around and this enemy for a few rockets and disabled me (I do not have a bad computer something was weird on his end)
ACS promethus (that’s there ship name its all I got)
HWS| EU| Season|| | Custom Universe|
G80 Better
Don’t know
Come give me a fuel tank very quickly I’m in pvp zone and talk to me about a potential cheater

Sorry we cant help with this. If you think someone is cheating we need to see some evidence (video / screen shots) and if you’re going to venture into PVP space, especially Black Hole / GG, you need to be prepared …

Sorry … and GL …

I’m not saying ban him I’m just saying keep and eye out for other complainets and was asking if you could fly over on your own time not as an admin but a nice guy and help me

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