Need help setting up a TimeTable

So I am trying to get the Wipe set up on a Monthly timetable. When I put the time to 01:00 and Par2 = 1, it starts the wipe process like a minuet later. Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

Maybe because its the 01. of April? :wink: and therefor the first of the month… aka the day it should be wiped. So could it be you entered it exactly to that time?

The way the Documents state it is PAR2 is the Day it will happen, and in all the examples, they us 01:00 not 1:00 for the time. Dose not matter if I change it to a 14 at 23:00, it still runs right after I save it.

hm ok I have to check that again.

I put my server online - with the tool - on the 31st, and had the 1st set as a wipe. As soon as I put the server online, it ran it (on the 31st).

The wipes were set to happen on the 1st and 15th, and when I looked at the “Information” tab in the tool, they were clearly set to run a full day ahead of schedule. So, I adjusted the timetable to say the 2nd and 16th, and the “next run” adjusted to the 1st and 15th. Then, once the wipe ran as actually scheduled, I changed the timetable entires BACK to 1 and 15, and it seems to have fixed everything.

This iteration of the tool, while introducing very needed features, is absolutely riddled with trouble. See my most recent post here for details.

Does anyone have a screenshot of a working backup and wipe TimeTable. I am having trouble getting this to work.

The explanations are lacking in the help area.

Left side u put the restart -> Right side (sub Table) u put the backup.
Same for wipe

See that is why I asked for a screenshot. You said backup on left then backup on right but it says backup tool. and there is no mention of what to enter in the other fields such as Parameter, Par2 , Parameter 1 Parameter 2. Do you teach people to drive by saying key in door?

I said restart in the left, not backup. Cause u dont need to fill anything in the other fields. Otherwise the tool would say what to fill in there.

Said with that. If u click a line to add something at the bottom u get a red text what u have to fill in where. If it doesnt say anything u dont have to fill in anything either

U can aslo but backup tool Left side and leave the right side (Sub Table) empty.

Tho some things need a restart of the server to get effective. So restart LEFT, things like wipe, POI Reset, Deposit Reset RIGHT SIDE SUB TABLE

Maybe have a bit better attitude…

It wasn’t really an attitude, I was trying to explain how you explained it. Some people don’t understand one word answers. Some people have high functioning autism and cant understand when things are not fully explained.

Maybe have a little tolerance for people with disabilities?