Need help with No or my donater packs

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siran_kosenis my game name and I am on NA and lawless starter when the new start happened I just lost all my bp when my computer crashed and I had all my donater packs put into the blueprints now I on have 2 out of 10 I can use and no donater packs and bp I had built. link didn’t work. it’s been a month or I can’t remember just got on back last night. fill the rest after work since now I see how this works

The admins will get round to answering you be patient they are rather bissy these days. thanks


sorry to hear about the crash. But reporting your loss a month later is a bit late. We have no logs of that time anymore to investigate.

I gave you 3 more BP and Ressource packages, but since we can’t prove what really happend and your message comes way to late, we can’t just restore all.

Hope you understand

k np