Need OCD "receipt" of transactions

Given the OCD issues people have been reporting. Can we get a history of our transactions listed in a simple text format, visible on HWS Connect (or perhaps even emailed to you :slight_smile: )?

The point would be for all the people that say they’ve had OCD items go missing, we could have a history or log of Gets and Puts and a Total Items per Slot of our inventory. This would be similar to the Structure Commander in format but for OCD. This way if you are missing something, you can check the OCD Deposit Withdrawal List and see if you simply forgot or if indeed something is broken with OCD.

Something simple, lightweight to show history is all we need. Keeps people honest and Admins sane. :slight_smile:

  • Jello

Actually, I really like this idea, sort of like a bank account registry. Half the time, I think I put something in the OCD an wonder if the OCD ate the item, because it isnt there, or if I removed it and forgot about it. It would also help to have a timestamp if in the event that the OCD DOES eat an item, the player can referance the ledger with the time, and the admins can check it for any data corruption or debugging issues to fix the problem :slight_smile:

I agree but has been suggested several times already. Can only wait until they have time for the less important features like this one.

Don’t be a buzzkill Dewy. :wink:

Bank statements would really help as well. I don’t have clue really how much I am earning every hour.

hourly income = RP x 100

I’m more interested how much I earn from my npc packages, which I can not calculate unless I check my bank every hour. But the last 4 days it was pretty much zero :disappointed_relieved:

I have to be honest I have never bought or sold a npc package. I think it needs better advertising and cheaper packages. But as I am running low on things I will have a look.