Need some help with an invicible HV

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: HV docked to BA. HV disappeared when deconstructing the BA core.
Player(s) with issue: Sigrblot
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 13 June 2018 Approx. 12:20
Playfield: Lawless Cryo
Structure Name(s): StarterHV_QM
Structure ID(s): 536729
How can we help you now: Please restore the HV.

If the HV is gone forever with my FA:Supply package and starter-items, may I have those back atleast?
The HV is fairly cheap so if it will make things easier I don’t mind if only the resources it contained were returned.

Hey @Sigrblot

sorry for the delay.
Luckily we got a backup but keep in mind it is from 12:12. 7 minutes before it got wiped. Everything in that time window is lost unforunately.

Thanks for the reply, @RexXxuS !

So, I just reset my player since it was almost impossible to continue earlier. Is it possible to get the fa:supply reset too?
If the HV is lost, so be it. No hard feelings about it :slight_smile:

Please check your HV first. If it has the content from fa:supply then we can’t do that (to prevent dupe cheats).
But if it’s empty I might do that.

How do I check it? I’m currently in the HWS Clone Chamber.

Take your time, reach your stuff and check.
Then let me know plz

Allright, will start over again since I stupidly picked Freelancer. :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t access the HV so can’t check its contents… All out of ammo too from the spiders :frowning:

@RexXxus I would prefer the HV being deleted at this point. Since I’m having limited time, I’d rather just “do an all-over” with the fa:supplies than have to run around for hours trying to make enough pistol ammunition to destroy the HV core.

Managed to destroy the cargo box, ammo box and harvest box on the HV. Nothing but a few crushed stone dropped, so the earlier FA:supply is gone.

ok, I have reset your fa:supply for now @Sigrblot

Thank you, kindly, good sir! <3

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