Never attack other trader factions?

Today, on the Gold Federation I killed WetWak from PPT
This is normal?

U was killed by him, or its u kill him?

It killed me when I was producing gold
First, my SV and then I was all taken away.

Well, that’s how its supposed to be. Seems people are not following the rules. From rules page “never attack other trader factions”.
OP4 from OPT faction just destroyed our factions CV and SV (from black market traders). At over 700 kills doesn’t seem to be very trader like.
We did fire back to protect ourselves, he blew up our warp drive so we could not jump out then continued to destroy the CV and docked SV.

If for breach of the rules does not mean you can break the punishing everyone. Now I’m going to kill all

From what I’ve heard and seen, most trader factions are just a cover for raiders. They constantly get away with it so their behavior is only rewarded.

It’s not like a green card to do so but currently we don’t have automatic tools to track this.
If the devs implement something like “player X killed player Y” then we can make a much better system.

Currently it needs good proofs instead of just writing he hit me.