Never got a Supply pack!


I recently joined the HWS server and I read the manual carefully.
I ran the space race with a friend and acquired my epic gun and the rp to claim a supply pack.
so I went to claim the supply pack and did not receive anything. When I tried again it said its too soon to claim another.
I think perhaps it bugged because I was sitting in some else sv while they flew it when I was claiming the supply pack.
I had plenty of room in my back pack.

I need support for this and its kinda a bug I think also. Unless I’m missing something.

Have you typed fa: info?
If so what does it say

ReputationL 8
Last bonus 12.06.2017 00:47
Global scan deativated
You are not guilty

Whats the relevance of this?

Just checking. In order to recieve the fa:supply, you must first have rep.
What origin/server?

Sorry at the moment we cant see any problem with it.
I checked the logs, but there were no Errors at all. So it should have been working.
Try it next week and then make a video in case it is not working again.
Thank you

I dont know if the Faction supply uses the same interface as the OCD get does now, but I have had some serious issues with it. For starters, in order to move again after typing in chat, I always hit escape. Turns out this can close that dialogue box before it even pulls up fully. Oh and did you tab out after typing get, in order to get the next ocd get code off connect? Well tough luck fella, those items are lost. Oh and dont call it in while in the “P” menu of any ship, registry, or in faction list. Or really anything. I used to lose the OCD get, was fairly seemless, just felt like a little helping hand passing me things I need. Now its taking my screen hostage, I am afraid to multitask at all while ocd getting.

xD Oh shit… I guess the rage was real but the reality was:
you were toooooooo fast.
Because jascha implemented with INTENTION that the FIRST window will ask you items to transfer and there comes a SECOND window where you confirm that you REALY want to skip/get the items.
It is also written in red letters on the window at the right top site.

Will make that clear again in the announcement

lol ya, like I said, I tend to reflexively hit escape after typing in chat so that I can go on about my business without typing wwwwwwwwwwwwww into faction chat. That one disappeared faster than I even registered it being there, then the second one popped up like the p menu, so I went to go turn back to the box. And poof: 10 Epics gone. In less than a second or two. :unamused:

Ok…so the pack was lost :frowning:

Yeah since I was sitting in a ship I never got any confirmation popups or anything.
Guess I’ll be more careful next time lol


I double press ENTER after typing a command to close the chat.

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Didnt know that would work. Ill try to switch to using that. Thanks

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