New donator planet issues (kratos)

Non urgent - 2 issues. 1) ground is drillable - understood this would be non-destructable, 2) no drones. Initial group of drones at drone base shot down before base built. Built base and no drones spawning. Understood drones would be infinite.

Please let me know if fix requires wipe, so i can talk to members about loosing base and get off planet before wipe.

Hey Swiss,

  1. sorry about indestructible - forgot to set this. Will do now.
  2. About Drones… they should spawn… strange… they should coming back every now and then. Let’s see after next restart.

I would maybe for now try a surface wipe, not a full wipe. If not working we have to do a little planet wipe

No problem if drones can’t easily be fixed. Would prefer no fix if our structures would be destroyed. Very minor thing to not have drones.

Sorry to bother again, saw your update that included donators to have donator planets be destructible.

Please change kratos back to destructible.

With the impossible difficulty of taking on pois, I may need more to do on kratos to keep me interested.

I changed it already mate

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