New emergency mission?

If you’ve ever played this game for at least a week, you’ll have probably experienced many out of MANY server connection errors. Some of these are harmless, as waiting a few seconds or a simple relog should do the trick. BUT, sometimes you could get kicked out of the game, and come back floating in space, with ur ship around 6-8 miles away from you.

Now many experienced and amateur players will have AT LEAST 1 warp sled on them at all times. The issue is, not all of them will carry the fuel needed to power it. I was wondering that, if you can’t fix these connection errors, at least give us an additional emergency mission (like the 10x food and heal) that can allow us to get like 50 fuel packs.


10 fuel and 30 refined pentaxid might be bettwe as for those stuck in prototype they need to be able to warp out back to the main universe (they can buy anything else atECC).

Cooldown suggestions?

10 fuel, 30 refined pentaxid, and 3 O2 tanks and make it temporary. Only until the connection issues are cleared. Also if you don’t want ppl to just use it to get off of journey, set so that it’s only active while in space.

Cool down 1 hour. If it’s continuously stranding them for an hour, then most likely they should take a small break from gaming and come back.

Maybe (possibly) do another quest where those who are completely new to the game and don’t even know about the blueprint workshop can earn an extremely cheap, no frills cv and teach them how to save it to their blueprints. No alien core or special features on it. Just a pilot seat, passenger seata, warp drive that takes almost nothing to make and in the tutorial, they’ll learn that they should always have at least 1 waiting to be spawned at all times. This also can be just until the connection problems are done. This will also help if one of the HQ planets are glitched and can’t be accessed.

For a very cheap really ugly CV warp sled for those unfamiliar with the term, there is one attached. This one has o2 and sealed cockpit in case you dont have epic armour or EVA.Basic Warp Sled.epb (901 Bytes)