New finished CV Blueprint is Gone

So i was about to lunch my cv today, it was finished in the factory, alot of ore :frowning: But now its gone. Can u help me get it back or atleast the ore. I used one of my donation fast blueprint thingy to get it done so that was a waste. plz help


I guess I make a new rule :slight_smile:

You send me the logs (you had a crash, right? Anything red in your console?)
And I help you with that ship :slight_smile:

no crash…just logged in, gone…

no red in console regarding this blueprint. I still have the blueprint but not the finished 1. it´s called Super-Dest-Min-CV.

its a known bug if do the bp command and logout fast and then back in and somehow dont wait for more than 2 mins and logout again.
it will come back after you bped another ship

Tryed different wayes, didnt work. And i dont want to spend another do:bp on a ship i dont want. So best is to hope that Rex can fix it. Tx anyway! :slight_smile:

i have no clue how to send logs…or even how to save them.

regarding logs:

Regarding ship:
I gave you one do:bp back. Hope this is enough. We can’t control the lost thing stuff.

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