New guy... asking community

Hello everyone.

I want ask to community if worth build a base on pvp planets. cause I fly around lot of planets and I don’t see any base. we can only see it on pve planets… starter.
I think is to easy to raid… so the people only build ships and go fight.
I think could be more interesting could return to starter planets, like after you leave, you can only return after 3 day for example.
probably someone talk about this, but as I said before, I’m new in game, and in community.

thank you all

Hey bud and welcome to the community :slight_smile: thanks for taking the time to make this post.
You are correct not many people do build bases in PvP the reason is that if you are offline or the base is unmanned it’s easy to take out, there are also stationary so once you build / place it you cannot move it u like a CV which can provide all a BA can, so my advice would be to not build a base on a PvP planet if you do however want/need a base either seek one on a pve planet or venture into deep space (50km+ from nearest planet)
As for returning to the starters it has recently changed so you can as to many people were exploiting this so atleast for now it’s not possible to return after leaving


Welcome!! Being new and on this website already puts you at an advantage over many people who don’t read it. Congrats to you on that!

Vorty has you on the right path. I haven’t built a base since my first base on Neptune which is no longer there. :slight_smile:

Welcome again and enjoy!!

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Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I understand the fact of people exploiting that. and I understand the system that was implanted. the problem is, that we only use 50% of potencial of game. because everyone only build CV.
Removing that possibility in game, in my opinion, of build bases, some creativity of the galatic survivals :slight_smile:

I give a small example. when I leave the starter planet, I start a journey of fights, raids, loot etc.
the idea is return home with everything we could get in our journey.
Or put much more difficult raid a base. I don’t know… :slight_smile:

The only base i’ve built on a pure PvP planet was on Zeus. Max turrets. Lasted 3 days. Someone dug under it. Admittedly I didnt put a great deal of thought into its layout but it was taken very easily. I’ve a base on Uranus but am allied with all neighbouring factions. An alternative would be the deep space base/CV at over 30km out.

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to be clear, bases absolutely are possible - there are several on Neptune and many other origin planets – however there are some very basics you need to keep in mind if you hope to keep it for even 3 days:

  • dig to the bedrock so nobody can dig under you
  • Visit it every day, or keep someone in your faction online to keep it protected
  • Outfit it smartly with turrets and protection
  • Strength in numbers
  • Dont use exploits (in-ground turrets) or Admins will eat your base. :slight_smile:
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in ground? like what? build and elevate terrain? or build in rooms, even if they are underground?


What hop means is turrets that are burried so only the barrel is visible for example or so they can’t be shot/damaged but underground turrets that are visible and can be destroyed are fine

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hum, I get it. :slight_smile:

A couple examples of glitching turrets that could get your base eaten or even banned.



There are bases all over the PvP planets. Just be glad you haven’t seen one yet. They hurt. They can be attacked and there are space bases too. Everyone has there own flavor. There are some even off the map in Deep Deep space.

It’s scary out there. Bring a friend.


Only gluttons for punishment build in pvp on openly available planets.