New help-yourself-command if docked ship is gone

Dear HWS Community @everyone
since more than 2 years there is a MP bug going around, that deletes your docked ships.
I stopped counting how many hours I wasted by now, trying to reproduce it on my local server. We just can’t find the trigger. We just know that the more docked ships you have on your structure, the more likely it will happen. Which then is brutal for you and us.

This kinda ends today, hopefully. We implemented a new cb:restore:id command for you, that will restore your ship, that disappeared because of the docking bug. (get the ID from HWS Connect > Structure Commander)
We added tons of checks to make sure that this command only works for that situation.
It’s live and please test it, once you see your docked ship(s) got deleted for no reason.

This should hopefully ease our all life’s :vulcan_salute: