New HWS EU full admin

Good Morning HWS Community,
after things have settled after vacation, the patches and real life issues I had, I wanted to come back to the full admin topic we had a while ago.
For the EU servers we are happy to announce that @Dr.Dark got hired as a full admin.
Many of you noticed already that he is recently helping you as good as he can and on HWS+ he made many Dialogue Quests too.
It’s a big relieve for @Jascha and me already, helping me with content on top is awesome.

For the NA servers I got many applications as well but still need to evaluate them. Many I got were from (veteran) players, which is great in terms of experience and trust but the main complain was that you can’t play on NA anymore yourself then. I will think about that… maybe there is another way to make it somehow possible.

Thanks for all that send an application and the vacancy will stay open for a while: