New on the server, I apologize

I want to apologize for killing a new player called dawg711 (I think it was like this, I do not remember the name)
I thought that if a player chose to start in a pvp world the rules were pvp. And if the same decided to start “safe” then decide for a pve.
I did not know the rules, and I apologize for that too. I am fairly new on the server and the game. I have not more than 70 hours played between solo and this server.
At this moment I am beginning to read the guide and I will inform my friends of the faction, since they also do not handle the English language.
I’m sorry, I’m at the disposal of the admin. If necessary I can go to return the things of the player, as I offered in the chat. I do not know how to do this last, if there is a way to send items or something.

Sorry for my english, isnt my language.

Killing someone on PvP start is not against the rules. There are two caveats

-If you were camping him there may be a case against you.
-If you built a base on the PvP spawn area where the escape pods land and your turrets were killing a new player there may be a case against you

As long as you didn’t leave the starting system and come back to kill him you should be fine but, of course, and admin would know best as they can check logs.

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Carlos it is a done deal. I edited my complaint against you so that the admin knows that you understand what you did was not allowed. Do not worry any more about this. I only wanted to be sure that you knew what you did was not allowed. I left the server because too many people were getting in the middle of it.
So please lets just forget it. I can understand difficulty of wanting to play on the server but not speaking the primary language. Do you know this group has a European server? Well unless you are in Mexico. Anyhow I just thought I would ask if you knew that. You might enjoy the server more if you could communicate with people.
You should also know that once you kill someone and loot them clear out. There is no reason to remain there and kill them over and over again.

Good luck.

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Thank you guys for solving it! We really appreciate such a great community!