New planets after starter zone

My guild and I will be leaving the starter planets soon but have a few questions about after the warp. This will be our second attempt since the first time we left starter zone and went to a planet we got killed within 2 minutes and had to fresh start. We spent a long time getting ready and would hate to lose everything before being able to put a few things away in the orbital storage.

I hear you have to be in a PvE zone to use this but how do we find it? Do we basically choose between peacekeeper east and west and look for a planet in one of those? If we build a space base will it get blown up within 24 hrs? Any advice would be appreciated.

PK systems - its just empty PvE-space. And u could warp there right now. I didnt hear about any wipes or taxes for dat spaceā€¦ Only restrictions on number of ships per man/faction.