New player, I have a question

Hello fine folks of the HWS community. I’m both new to the game and to the server, but it seems like a good diversion for my fellow outfit mates (GOTR). My question is as follows, if we have people join us after we have managed to get off the planet for new players (quite the feat at the moment, as we are all new to the game) how can we incorporate them? The learning curve is pretty steep and if in a few weeks we have someone new who wants to tag along, must they escape the planet as well? Any way to bring them to our base, etc, without having to build their way off planet?


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Welcome to HWS.

Now ignore everything in the post above. : )

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Thank you!

have a look at this it may help. esp the hws ones made by achillies

You must leave the starter planets. Those following must do the same without your direct involvement. You can NOT return to get them. If you have resources and a faction, it is possible to gift money to the newer players to assist them in building a warp-capable vessel, thus able to then join you in space.