New player wanting to start on day before wipe

If I join the server tomorrow does that mean I get wiped tomorrow if I cant get off the world? Or do you wipe by player?

Your inventory doesn’t wipe.
Stuff you put in factory doesn’t wipe.

So go for it. You can totally mine enough stuff to build a CV in 1 day and throw it in the factory. it won’t finish before the wipe but when you log in the day after you just spawn it, fill it up and fly away.

Then we kill you.

Thanks for the info Mordgier. I am touched that you will let me get a CV before you kill me. LMAO. I did not get to it today perhaps tomorrow after the wipe.

Once you do start bud feel free to ask for help there is starter packs available on the pve starter planets and most of the hws community will help you out from filling your buy orders for as little as one credit or players can come down to the planet to give you a ride to another system if or when you desire to leave the planet if you don’t have your own cv :slight_smile:

Seems like this has become a very friendly community. I wonder though with the way the server is set up is there room for someone that at times may team with others would much rather build on his own and play on his own? I am also a friendly person willing to help others but I am not into the whole group play thing. I like to design and build on my own at my pace. Seems from what I read this server may be designed around a everyone plays in a group. I know there is the lawless but that seems to be a handicap. If I joined one of the other factions is there a rule that says I must follow the group and build with them?

Not at all this server is great for both :wink: I play on both servers EU I’m a member off ART the largest faction on that server, however on NA I tend to fly solo with my own alliance faction.
My advice tho with the way the server is set is while your on the starter planets accumulate as much as you can. But also put some amount of thought into which faction you wanna be part of or create, the longer your remain in that faction the more rp you will collect which in turn lowers your tax for ships and structures you have on taxable planets. And just another tip for starting to make creds blue crystals are easy to come buy and sell well on the market same goes for sathium :slight_smile:

Yes. You could play this way. I would absolutely not recommend it though.

You would find yourself at an absolutely absurd disadvantage even to a 2 person faction. The power scale for faction member numbers is not linear. A faction with 4 players is more than 4 times stronger than a 1 player faction.

Just do yourself a favor and do not play this game alone. There are many factions who will recruit new players - as long as you go put down some autominers and set them to faction access they are happy to have you.

Well that seems to be the type of faction that would fit me. I dont mind joining a group for a raid or something. I just dont want to be stuck doing what they want. Just does not work well for my play style and time I have.
I thank you for the advice. I know against the AI the game is not tough at all. I have yet to have any PVP action. Not even found a good base to raid or anything. LOL. Have not started on HWS yet either. I will have to give it a try though. I have no issues with setting auto-miners to faction or even allowing faction access to my base. I just dont want to be a solider under someones command type deal. That is not me at all.