New players being killed within 5 of landing and then camped and griefed for 5 kills!

As a new player I join the server yes on a PVP planet. I dont mind dying but landing then being killed 5 times in the first 5 minutes is griefing and Cowardice gameplay. I took screenshots but I dont know where they are. I made it clear in chat what was going on. The guy that did it admit to it in chat. Carlosmaid… From what I have read this type of action is not allowed in this community. So many seemed friendly in my first thread then this. I am going to restart and try again but I hope that an admin can do something so that the next new person to join does not have this issue. New players are what keep the servers alive.

Admin (I think) Capt Kirk informed this guy of what he did so this is resolved. I could not reset as I already had tried this server once but lost everything not knowing I joined right before a wipe.


sorry for the trouble and thank you for telling us.
Sadly we cant control it 100% and can only hope that people obey the rule or we would punish them. Thank you for resolving it!

If you need any help, or a restart (did not quite get it if its still needed?) just let us know.

Yeah seems that the guy really did not understand any of the rules. He started a thread to apologize so it is all good. Again I just wanted to make sure that it was not common for him. Some people wont speak up like I did. That only hurts the community. Which seems to be something great. At least in text.

Anyhow my Steam id ends in 7576 if you could can you make sure that it is reset? I will get around to getting back on there perhaps today. I left yesterday as after it was resolved the chat was still spamming BS about it. Plus at that point something else came up. Life really should not get in the way of gaming huh? LMAO.


I’m not sure what you’re asking here but you can reset your own character to the starting state (brand new escape pod, brand new char) by typing CB:Reset in chat. Or CB:Restart. One of those two I can never remember which.

I reset you. But y you can reset over cb:reset

Sorry I thought I was going to get time to play the other day before I actually did. I had been on your server a week ago but for a short few minutes. So I had already used the wipe function. That was the reason I could not do it this time. As it turned out I could have done it myself but thought if I had your attention it only takes a moment for you as well. Server wont tell you know. LMAO. I run my own Dedicated box and understand the workings of the game. Sadly though I dont have a playerbase so my server is my PVE fix. That is boring in this game as the AI are just not a real challenge. Perhaps when they finally introduce CV and SV with AI control that will change.
Thank you for you help with this matter. I managed to get a real foot hold on your server yesterday. Seems you got lucky with a pretty good group of players. I know that is not always easy. Happy to find you server. Though it is not hard seems the 2nd most popular/populated in the game.

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