New Police EU


So, you made it this far!
Either you are a fateful follower at the forum and see this message in anyway!
Then i recommend you to take a trip to ECC!

If you came from ECC and followed this link, i first of all welcome you to the forum if HWS!

The next step is to send me a good PM with a perfect reason for me to consider you being my sidekick for the next level of HWS!
I do not look for gameplay, hours etc, i look for a active player, that can take the risk of giving allot of hours in to this job! You need to be able to know why we exist, and what we do!

Send me a PM at the forum please!

dQgnflua and Gareth


Good luck guys! :oncoming_police_car:

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ty budd!

Most likely end up with no one!
Wish people like you would apply <3

For now it is a try/lookout… see who want to join! Then we take it from there!
As mentioned… It is a looong way!

Well, sorry but i prefer to stay a Trader :smiley: But i really hope you find some people who help you.

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I’d help with HWS more than happily if it only meant helping players & devoting time to help the staff & to make the server more comfortable for others to play etc.
But it also means removing myself from PvP / many amazing events completely, and the worst thing - Leaving my faction behind with all the faction-play which is basically the reason why I play multiplayer.

These limits will effect the game-play in very major way & would likely cause me to quit eventually due to missing out from big part of the game-play that I love.
If any day helping others officially no longer means I have to stop playing the game with my friends & engaging in the events of the server, I’m in :slight_smile: