New rule about NAP and polls about turret targeting

Good Morning HWS @everyone
2 announcements for you today:

  1. I created 3 new on Discord for you that would have big implications for the gameplay if they would be implemented into the game. After 6 years those 3 topics are highly outdated and what was valid in the past, could / should have changed by now. Please think carefully about it, ask your friends and make your vote. Thanks.

  2. In case you didn’t see it, I added a new rule 5.4 about NAP - non-aggressive pack. 2 years ago it caused a big PvP issue on our old HWS servers, maybe the core issue, why PvP died as a result of it. Obviously it took me too long to think about it and to realize I decided poorly back then.
    So I changed my mind and decided that NAP are from now on not allowed on HWS anymore!
    It’s a clear circumvention of the ingame faction/alliance system and our limit system. Even though I rely mainly on the community to report this to me, since we can’t see it technically, I’m sure that this rule is more than reasonable.

Thanks for your attention.

I assume this is a copy/ paste issue from discord or something??

This frequently happens with your announcements here on the forums.

I can’t understand what you are trying to say because some words always get replaced with this string of numbers

Yeah, it’s an automated api bot, fetching discord webhooks and posting it in here, helping me in my time management.
I just have to come back and change the title and replace some discord specific emojis/links.

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