New Ship Spawn Changed Faction

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What happened: I spawned a ship named New-Shark-3.0 on Lawless HQ and it has changed to HWS faction
Player(s) with issue: KingGampo
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): around 21st Feb 04:00
Playfield: Lawless HQ
Structure Name(s): New-Shark-3.0
Structure ID(s): Not able to get ID as it is under HWS faction
How can we help you now: Need ship changed back to public so I can take ownership of the ship i made.

As soon as you spawn stuff the default is private.

If you press M and read the description at the bottom right for the HQ planets you see, NO private stuff is allowed.

Next time just use the egs:buyshipback:id command.
You get the ID of everything by opening your console and type “di”. Then look at the structure and see the ID at the top center.

For now I did the return process for you.

ohhhh ok perfect… thanks for doing that for me I do appreciate it.

Just logged on and the ship is still in HWS faction - id for the ship is 29519233 if that helps! thanks in advance

Sorry, switched it now back to you!

Much appreciated Rexxxus!

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