New Universe Idea

…poof gone!


You truly polished it indeed.

So its 3 lanes, each origin captures theirs 1,2,3 and make it to GG from there fight other two back so ppl can mine gold to get ORP

Its nice PvP scenario for sure.

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I like it. What does @RexXxuS think?

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I think we are looking for pure PvP server. Oriented only for PvP, there is something to fight for and thats turning planets to PvE each week so you are progressing towards domination of other origins, turning your planets to PvE and creating stady income of resources.
Most of all i like there is some final goal to reach not just meaningless skirmishes.
I like it but im affraid it wont be like this ever on HWS. its lovely PvP universe.

Yep at least we showed our interest in something liek this today with our 1000 posts :smiley:
I like the global goal for origin, thats probably most important.Resources are problem at start, you do all to upgrade OCD and OAMs, than you gather, making REP legit way or exploit it, anyway at some point its all a bit aimless.
But what now? And this or something like this you draw is answer.

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I always appreciate nice ideas and even more layouts of universes. Thanks to @Kogami and @Elfias
That way Achilles joined the team long time ago.

Anyways we have to split this in 2 parts.

  1. The whole ORP idea sounds awesome and I know a “global” Origin meaning would be cool as already discussed somewhere else. Like motivating the whole group to play Origin specific.
    BUT @Jascha won’t have the time to implement this I fear. Especially since this is a whole new level on top of everything which needs almost even more balancing.
    A “Conquer / Capture / Invasion” mode is coming for sure cause it’s awesome but 7.0 is already so huge… don’t know

  2. The universe… I like the overall idea / intention behind it. Creating an universe is really the most challenging, most difficult thing ever. It can help in so many ways but also ruin so much…

  • So let’s start with the start by a little story:
    15 minutes before 6.X hit the day I realized that I had forgot to plan at least one PvP start. This mistake cost me nearly one whole hour / delay for you till start. It’s not about my bad planning but about the PvP start. From experience and even though we had a lot of cries a lot of people like having at least one PvP Start because they just like to play the pure sense of survival. So my suggestion would be of course to have at least one of the two Lawless planets to be PvP.

  • Next: what about the origin planets? After some thoughts I want to simplify 7.0 a lot and making them PvP without restrictions is ok. But we need PvE. The PvE planets at “1” are not enough. Also Peacekeeper were always successful.

  • What about Homeworld system? Maybe sooner or later a man has to change his habbits but it is connected to HWS like a branding. People recognize it and like it so far.

  • What about Armageddon? And Golden Globe? Spawning gold during PvE times is not good.

Maybe Homeworld and Armageddon can be in Black Hole orbit. Providing always a fresh orbit with fresh resources with a forced “no parking” rule there.

Everything can change of course but why don’t take something what was successful. 7.0 should combine everything what was good in the past and polish it rather than inventing again new and new features.

Maybe we can build on top of this layout - even though features will come in 7.0 which needs big adjustments to this map anyways.


Welcome in my world.

Sure, I know it was a concept. Take your time. I need normally 2-3 weeks for one universe.

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I see your future @Kogami within 12 months we will be calling you admin. maybe @Elfias as well.

I agree to late to add to 7 but that gives plenty of time to maybe squish it together with best bits of 7 for season 8.

@RexXxuS are we having a 12 wk season this time or just the 8wk? Either way gives you guys time to work on this.

Don’t forget though that any PVP at the moment is difficult with the almost indestructible vehicles. But hopefully Eleon will sort this balance. I just hope they do balance this in 7 if they don’t it be a massive nail in the coffin for PVP (they might want this)

Yeah in 12 hours admin, shot by Rexxx in another 12 hours for intensive spaming.

Anyway, its always good to present some ideas for inspiration and thats what we did yeasterday more than wildly :smiley: I hope to see some spoilers soon as usuall :smiley:

And i dont see 7.0 as much of PvP update, we will ahve to wait longer im affraid, but those building tools are awsome, finaly ability to copy/paste sections of ships. That will take so much pain away from building.

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We can set a Base limit globally and per playfield overall.

So if you have 3 planets and a limit of 2 Bases globally Player A have to decide to place 2 bases on planet 1, 2, 3 or 1 at 1 and 1 at 2 etc.
And then we can say in general only 1 base at planet 1.

What you want is not possible I think. Forcing a specific player to make a decision where he can build something.

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Oh, are we doing universes ? Cool.

[edit] : The yellow blob is Black Hole

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Thats kinda similar to what it is now with a long way to get to pvp and a short exit route.

Too small…