New warp\change playfield lost connection bug!

Yesterday and today i catching some new strange bug. If it happens later the ship warp to another playfield but the player stay in the previous playfield. But now after warp ship and player stay in the same playfield - but nothing work and pentaxid goan from it tank. Need to relog. And it happens when take off from the planet (exept pentax lost). Only one makes me happy - ship not enter at the destination playfield and falls from the skyes. Logs sended in PM

Same here, I am stuck at Neptune system and cant warp out. Line up, accelerate, hit K, warp animation and… Still in Neptune, but Pentax gone and P menu no longer works. Relog and same problem again.

this ain’t new, been happening forever unfortunately. I have this wild theory it might be because of all the structures on the origin planets causing the orbit to destabilize…

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