Newbie here and I'm stuck. Please help!

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What happened:
=> I am stuck. I was playing with friends who tried to skip the tutorial by going to another planet. They realized, after we warped out of the Freelancer HQ to the ECC sector, that we couldn’t go anywhere after that. I attempted to restart but I don’t have my CV starter kit. They don’t have it either.
Player(s) with issue:

Time (cb:time):
10:20 pm CDT

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Is there a way to completely reset us to day 0 or can I get my CV starter kit at the very least? What do I need to do?

Hey, you can just type cb: reset in chat to start new. For the CV I would need the id

The ID of what?

Are you guys still stuck? There is a member of HWP on teh server. Failing that I will be on in 30 minutes and can bring you a CV.

Finally, you can get back to freelancer HQ from ECC planet by figuring out and using the admin teleporter on planet.

I did a fresh start. That may have been a mistake. Unfortunately my stuff is still on an HWP planet and I’m going to be taxed for it since I don’t know how to get my stuff back.

Get to freelancer HQ in the next 4 hours and I can take you to your stuff. Or either of your two friends.

I will attempt to.

I did the “cb:reset” and it got me completely reset. As for my stuff I don’t know if that got reset or not. I don’t really know how that stuff works.

Look at structure commander on HWS connect it will tell you which structures are still existant

It’s not showing that I have any.

Guess they don’t exist any more unless they belonged to your friends. Double check you are looking at NA not EU server though

Yes sir, I am looking at NA. Looks like I got completely reset and I am a-ok with that. I appreciate your time.

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