Ninja Mission buged

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Ballon not working , same for teleporter door after activade all leavers

Player(s) with issue: senor

Server: EU & NA

Time (cb:time): 12:45

Playfield: Nina mission playfield

Structure Name(s): “Ballon & teleporter Door”

Structure ID(s): idk

How can we help you now: “replace ballon he is not perfect in middle if u try to fly up” like “hover” u cant o or turn it left right " Door fixing all leavers not open it anymore just come “false faction”

Should be fixed in the next Event cycle.
Thanks for reporting!

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one more bug sry rexxi “last leaver on top of the cloud” not open the door for the 3 alien containers anymore greets

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