No Asteroids Spawning on Ray?

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What happened: No asteroids spawning on Ray
Player(s) with issue: *
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Ongoing
Playfield: Ray
Structure Name(s): n/a
Structure ID(s): n/a
How can we help you now: Can you reset asteroids on Ray? I’ve searched fairly extensively, and zero asteroids spawned after a long period

Wait, what? After messing around for HOURS today, one finally spawned. 9_9 It might be down one spawn, though?

There are 3 types of meteorites spawning. But only if the deposits are mined out.

Will revisit for HWS 8


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I’ve chased falling rocks on HQ, HQ Moon, and Ray so far. Previously, after killing a meteorite, a new one would fall after a few minutes. Find it, harvest/kill it, repeat.

Ray, however, WAS behaving like that. And then the meteorites just stopped. I’ve circumnavigated Ray in a rough line a few times at different latitudes, but nothing popped up. And waited far longer than it ever took for it to spawn before. Enough times that I should have come within 500m of one of them, at least once.

My (probably wrong) theory is that somehow a meteorite didn’t quite harvest completely, and the marker disappeared but it was still blocking spawn of a new one?

Mainly, for an entire couple days of searching and hitting that POI, I only saw the one Promethium, and that rate seemed off.

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