No Bonus RP points awarded when not warping but living in PVP

Hi there, I was offline yesterday, wearing my epic weapon, but didn’t get 7 RP points. Any help would be great. Relax

Hey bud yeah if you were offline you won’t receive the RP you need the epic but also need to be online to warp once, which is the second required criteria to enable you to receive rp


Welcome back @Blackvortex!

That is unless you’re a Freelancer, and then you must be living in PVP, and not have any structures or faction structures in PVE, or have visited PVE, in 24 hrs.

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Hey thanks for your fast reply. We’ll, I am living in pvp wearing the epic weapon but received 0 rp. Is that correct?

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Help us out with your profile…

Are you a freelancer?
Do you have a faction?
Does your faction also ALL live in PVP exclusively?
Are you warping at least once per day?

Ty buddy :smiley: been working like a Trojan lol. These 14hrs day/backshifts are killing me :confused: think i died and have risen again as a zombie lol

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Loving the world of IT eh? I feel you!

… I wish i didnt, but i do! :smiley:

Pirate, faction Hel, all pvp only so I should get 7rp for wearing my epic minigun but received 0?

answer the questions in entirety, please. they each matter. cant help you till you do.

also – what server?

Are you a freelancer? Pirate
Do you have a faction? HEL
Does your faction also ALL live in PVP exclusively? Yes
Are you warping at least once per day? normally yes, not yesterday.
Server is HWS EU PvP

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Haha i once was in IT :stuck_out_tongue: many many moons ago now haha back in the construction industry these days

Thats the only thing i see wrong. Pirates earn 7 RP even in PVE – they earn 14 in PVP exclusively. If any ONE member has a structure or him/herself in PVE at the time of the check, you wont get the bonus.

BUT - you MUST have you epic ON YOU and have WARPED within 24 hours at 9:00ish am every morning UTC +1

Hey Hopskotch, thanks for trying to help but let me clarify what my bro is trying to bring across…

We had nothing in PVE at the tick this morning. I am in the same faction. I got my 14 RP, as i warped. He did not warp, but at least he should get the 7RP then, as we live in PVP.

From my understanding of this

• Get 7 RP per day if you have an epic minigun permanently in your Inventory and warped at least once every 24 hours
• Gain an additional 7 RP per day if you / your faction have nothing in AND do not visit PVE in a 24 hour period”

So my reading and my past 3 weeks on the server showed me :
You get the additional 7RP if you AND your entire faction have nothing or are not in PVE at the tick around 9is.
Or do I read this wrong?

Well he didn’t get any RP at all today. Seems strange to me.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Eld

This is where you’re understanding has the gap. If you dont warp, you dont get RP. You dont get RP, for example, by parking in a PVP and getting the bonus 7 RP. You must get the RP award, and you get the bonus IF you meet the PVP conidtions.

Ok Hopskotch, thanks for clarifying! The “additional” lured us to believe it is “additional” even if condition 1 isn’t met :slight_smile:

So we understand now, ONLY if condition 1) is met, condition 2) will be rewarded. So for example, that means no Minigun, no RP at all I guess.


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BINGO! Thats exactly right! you get the bonus only after the initial reward is given. No reward, no bonus.

the Warp rule helps ensure people cant just sit online in a medbay earning RP for weeks. for example. Less exploitable – at least someone had to do something every day to earn rep, and you cant typically warm from PVE to PVE, so there’s an assumption that you’re at least touching PVP - hence introducing SOME risk… theoretically at least.


Thank you Hopskotch! :grin:

You bet!

Updated the subject and added some tags to make it easier for other who may be asking the same.

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