No daily loot or skill tree in over a week

Hi Folks,
any idea why I cannot get my daily loot even though I am logged in. It shows that I vote but no loot therefore no skill tree or autominers in over a week. Its dragging my game down.

You have to wait for the Welcome message you get. It usually comes after 1-5min

I have done everything like I use to. This is my fourth season. It just doesnt appear when I start the game in server. The log shows I vote …just no loot appear even after five mins. I did loose my epic weapon and couldnt get another from gun store either…weired

Vote or daily reward?

The reward goes straight in your hand slots, so be sure to have room.

Vote is still only at connect.

But i would put this in the help section for faster response… (3 small lines at top right corner)