No Daily Loot today

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened?
=> No Daily Loot today

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Thorwine

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Friday, around 9:40

On which Playfield?
=> Belumira > Aoan

Structure Name(s)?
=> Tanelorn

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 26936405

How can we help you now?
=> please give me my Loot #2 in the Loot Cycle

Welcome back in the Forum @Thorwine
the question is: did you click on Daily Loot in HWS Connect?
If yes, nothing happened then ingame?
If yes, did you click it while being online or offline?

Did you click on Daily Loot in HWS Connect? > YES (as usual…)
If yes, nothing happened then ingame? NO, nothing happened…
If yes, did you click it while being online or offline? YES, I was ingame in that moment…

Maybe time was to short ingame. Logged in and clicked on the button too fast?

after some time you should have gotten it then. Or with the cb:startjobs command.
Will investigate…

Well, I stayed ingame for about 15 minutes until the shutdown at 10:00 was announced, but nothing happened in that time. Didn’t use the command cb:startjobs - but will remember that next time. Thank you for investigating!

Just tested myself and it worked

I’m asking cause I migrated the HWS Connect DB yesterday to an own RE one.
But yeah, I think it was too fast in your case.

Edit: found your Daily Loot in our “LostAndFound” DB table.
And the code says me you have to be online ingame and in HWS Connect (check some pages in HWS Connect during that, so it recognizes you online) for ~30 minutes.

So, I’m ingame at the moment, since ~20 minutes. Emptied my Auto Miners, warped, visited bank, harvested my farm and cleaned the dishes. Tried the cb:startjobs command, nothing happens…

Hm ok :frowning:
We will check why it fails. But no worry, we will resolve it


We identified the problem I think.
let me know if you get your stuff delivered after some activity.

I’m sorry… I was ingame for around 15 Minutes now (18:35 - 18:50), harvested my farm, walked around my base, clicked some pages in HWS Connect, sent the command cb:startjobs - nothing was delivered to my Inventory :expressionless:

Guten Morgen RexXxus,

today’s Daily Loot worked as intended again. But unfortunately I’m still missing the Loot #2 in the cycle from yesterday. Maybe there is a chance to get at least that Auto Miner Core? Wanted to push my OAMs a little more today. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Guten Morgen :slight_smile:
ja, wir werden #2 auf jeden Fall noch nachholen. Wir wollen erstmal rausfinden, warum das lostandfound system nicht funktioniert.

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ook, es war zu wenig memory für php verfügbar…
Kannst du es heute bitte noch mal probieren? :crossed_fingers:

Also, wenn da jetzt der Daily Loot #2 vom 11.06. reinkommen soll, dann muss ich dich leider enttaeuschen. Da kommt nix. Ich hab heute morgen den Daily Loot #3 bekommen, der von gestern fehlt nach wie vor. 10 Minuten ingame, in Connect rumgeklickt, Farm geharvestet, Food Processor angeworfen… nix Neues im Inventory :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

21-06-12 06:24	Daily loot Received 1 Skill Point: 20xPentaxid (raw material), 100xXeno Substrate, 15000xMoney Card, 1xAuto Miner Core

21-06-10 12:01	Daily loot Received 1 Skill Point: 20xPentaxidOre, 100xXenoSubstrate, 7500xMoneyCard, 2xAutoMinerCore

Die hab ich in meinem Dashboard.

:frowning: Sorry, dass ist doof. Vor allen Dingen, weil ich es fixen will (und nicht nur dich betrifft). Das ist eigentlich eine sehr wichtige Funktionalität.
Eine letzte Sache wĂĽrde ich noch gerne probieren. DafĂĽr musst du aber bitte online gehen und mir Bescheid sagen.
Wenn auch das nicht geht, gebe ich es dir manuell und muss weiter testen…

oh oh… ich denke ich weiß warum es nicht ging … oh weh oh weh…
Aber dennoch, falls du online kommst, kurz pingen, dann guck ich in die logs.

Ping! Bin ingame…

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Check mal deine HWS Connect logs :wink:

21-06-12 21:01 Connect
Recovered: 10xPentaxid (raw material), 200xXeno Substrate, 5000xMoney Card, 1xAuto Miner Core

Schaut gut aus, ist im Inventory angekommen. Vielen Dank! Ich hoffe, du hattest damit eine Erleuchtung :wink:

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Der HWS RE server hat technisch ein großes Fass aufgemacht…
unter der Haube mussten Hayawen und ich ziemlich rudern, weil 5 Jahre lang im Code alles strikt auf EU/NA ausgelegt war.

Danke fĂĽr deine Geduld und viel SpaĂź :slight_smile: