No guilte

Hi moderator.
There was a problem in the game. As I understand they gave me a “guilty” just like that. I didn’t kill the players and didn’t give a ticket. Played by the rules. Most likely this is due; when I flew from the starting planet, I got shot, got into the hover, its core. There was a red inscription about the hover, but I do not know English well and scored. He landed, the ship in the trash, threw everything in the hover. Decreased air. Appearing next to the hover found that he was my enemy and killing me. After waiting half an hour until he ran out of energy, he rebooted and he disappeared with 2 days of my efforts on res.

I was upset, I restarted and here I am, “Guilty”, even dropped because of this, did not help, please understand. I don’t know English, kick Google translator for errors.

Thanks in advance for help, nickname in the game evgen7776

hey mate,
I don’t think it’s a big deal to become guilty, just a part of the role playing on this server…
you can read more about it here:


welcome to the server and sorry for the shock. As already said, its a part of this server story.
But I took your “guilt” away so that you can have a clean start.

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Thank you, very grateful

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